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InfoProfit Club Affiliate FAQ

Here's a list of the most common questions affiliates have been asking. It will help you learn very important information about the InfoProfit Club affiliate program...

1) How much commission will I make for every sale?

It depends on the product - ranging from 50-100%. Yes, you will get 100% commission for some of our products - just like you are selling your own products!

When you visit the Products section in your Affiliate Center, you can see the exact commission rate for each of the products available.

2) Will I be notified when I make a sale?

Of course! We know you'd love to hear the good news, so you will receive an instant email every time one of your referred visitors makes a purchase.

In that email, you'll see the name of the product you have sold and how much commission you have earned.

3) Do you offer any marketing tools to make it easier for me to promote your products?

Yes, you will get various, easy-to-use marketing tools in your Affiliate Center that you can easily use. Also feel free to change them anyway you like to fit YOUR website and list.

Here are some of the tools you will get...

  • Free re-brandable reports
  • Banner ads
  • Text links
  • Text ads
  • Email promotions
  • Free articles with reprint rights
  • And much more...

4) How much money can I expect to earn with your affiliate program?

You can make as much profits as you like - there is no limit to the number of sales you can make. Some of our affiliates have made $3,000+ in a single month promoting just ONE of our products.

We are here to help you make more profits, because we understand as business associates, when YOU make money, we make money too.

So you will receive lots of proven marketing tools and tips to maximize your sales.

But it's important to mention here that we can't provide any income guarantees, because it is ALL in your hands. Whether you use the powerful marketing tools provided or not, determines how much profit you will make.

So let's take action today! Check out your Marketing Tools section and get lots of free tools to start making profits!

5) If the visitor I've referred leaves your site and comes back to order later, will I still get credit for the sale?

Absolutely! We know YOU have referred the visitor in the first place so we give full credit to you for the sale if the customers comes back up to one year later.

We put a cookie on his computer so when he returns to our site, his computer says YOU have referred him. So if he makes a purchase, the commission goes to you.

6) When will I get paid?

We send checks and PayPal payments on the 15th of every month for the previous month earnings.

So for example, you will receive your January commissions on the 15th of February.

7) What is the minimum amount to issue a payment?

There should be a minimum amount of $50 in your account to receive the payment for that month.

If your commissions are less than $50, your commissions will simply roll out to the next month until you reach the $50 point.

8) What payment options do you offer?

You can receive your payments by PayPal or check.

Also for some elite affiliates, we also offer the option to send your payment via wire transfer to your bank account. However there will be a $20 wire transfer fee applied.

9) Is there anywhere I can learn more tips and ideas to help me increase my affiliate sales?

Yes! We really care about your success and want to help you the best as we can, so as a valued business partner, you will receive the latest tips and ideas to help you increase your sales.

You will learn the latest proven marketing techniques to use and easily maximize your sales.

Simply join as an affiliate and start making sales today!

10) How can I make my affiliate link more user-friendly and increase my clicks?

That is a brilliant idea. If you like to use a more user-friendly link than the original affiliate link given to you by the Affiliate Software we use, here are two ways you can easily do it...

1. Create a redirect page and upload it on your own website. You can get a free redirect page in your member area. Here's how your link will look like this...

2. Use the instant, easy redirect link on our website. Here's how your affiliate link will look like this...

Simply see the Affiliate Marketing Tools page to get your special user-friendly links.

11) What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Simply contact our affiliate support team and we will get back to your with the best answer we can to help you the best way.


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