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From: Ladan Lashkari
Date: Monday, 11:16 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a very profitable affiliate program to promote? If you are, may I suggest that you consider the following criteria before choosing any program to promote?

The 9-Key Criteria for Every Affiliate Program:

1) Does the affiliate program target a large, highly profitable market?

The larger and more profitable a market is, the easier you can promote and sell affiliate products in it. So you want to find an affiliate program which is about a highly profitable market.

Internet marketing and Internet marketing is a HUGE market. Millions of people want to start and grow their own Internet business and they want to learn everything they can to become more successful.

This means a lot of opportunity for YOU to make a nice profit by promoting these products to that hugnry market.

2) Does the affiliate program offer you generous commissions?

Since you're going to spend your valuable time and money to promote their products, it's fair that you get a generous commission in return to make it a win-win situation.

Some programs pay you only 5% or sometimes 10% of the product price. This may be considered a good commission in the offline world, but on the Internet it's too low.

You certainly want to find affiliate programs that value your efforts and pay you a 40-50% commission.

We value your efforts and know that the traffic you send us is valuable, so we pay you a generous 50-100% commission. Yes, that's 100% commission for some of our products.

You’ll be instantly notified every time you make a sale. Plus, you can monitor your daily and monthly sales stats, conversion rates, and earnings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using your complete, easy to use control panel.

3) Does the affiliate program track your sales using a "session cookie" or a one-year cookie?

Some affiliate programs use a "session cookie" to track your sales which means you'll earn commissions only for immediate sales. For example if you refer a visitor and he leaves the site and comes back 5 minutes later and makes a purchase, you will NOT make any money!

Since tests has proven that over 80% of website visitors do NOT order on their first visit, this type of sales tracking is not good for you as a serious affiliate marketer.

I know this type of sales tracking doesn't make any sense, but many affiliate programs out there still use it - one of the big ones is

But with our affiliate program, you can have the peace of mind that we track your sales correctly by using a one-year cookie.

So you'll earn the commission that is rightfully yours - even if your visitor comes back and orders until one year later. (He doesn't even need to go through your affiliate link the second time.)

4) Does the affiliate program offer you a wide variety of proven, effective marketing tools that you can use to promote their products easily?

You need effective marketing tools to promote affiliate products. Some affiliate programs leave the responsibility of creating these tools to you, and some other good programs provide you with ready-made tools themselves.

We know you're busy and have other important things to do in your life, so we provide you with tested and proven promotional tools to plug in and profit from:

  • Email Promotions
  • Text ads
  • Ezine Ads
  • Product images
  • And much more!

And we keep adding more tools every month, so you'll never run out of promotional tools.

5) Does the affiliate program use a powerful follow up strategy to sell to your visitors who don't order right away?

It's a proven fact that over 80% of visitors do NOT buy on their first visit. Also it's proven that every average person need to get 7 exposures to a product to decide to buy it.

With that said, what happens when you spend your valuable time and money sending visitors to an affiliate product website where it doesn't use any follow up strategy to sell to those 80% potential customers?

It means you'll lose lose 4 out of every 5 potential sales just because the merchant don't have a powerful follow up strategy in place. Is that the type of affiliate program you want to do business with?

But when you send visitors to this website, you can have this confidence that we use a powerful follow up strategy to help you sell even to procrastinators.

6) Does the affiliate program educate you on the latest powerful marketing tips to Help YOU increase your sales?

Usually after you sign up to most affiliate programs, you just receive an automatic welcome email and after that... you're left out alone in the cold with no other help or support to really answers your questions and show you how to become more successful.

Not with us. As a valued affiliate, you'll receive periodical emails containing the latest proven marketing tips and ideas to increase your sales.

The great thing about it is that the insider information you'll learn will not only help you become a more successful affiliate, but you can also use them to grow your success in your other business models - like selling your own products.

... And you'll discover all this valuable information for FREE!

You'll also receive limited-time promotional offers, discounts, and special bonuses that you can offer to your website visitors and subscribers.

We care about your success, so we want to help you build a strong relationship with your customers and subscribers by offering them valuable FREE gifts and bonuses.

7) Does the affiliate program offer a smart, effective system to protect you against commission theft?

Commission theft has become an important concern for serious affiliates these days. If you haven't heard of it before and are not using an effective system to protect your commissions, you've been most probably fallen victim to commission theft several times.

So what is commission theft exactly? It happens when someone "steals" the commission that is rightfully yours.

Sometimes it happens when someone doesn't feel good about you making a profit from his purchase, so he just removes your affiliate code from your link and orders like
no one has referred him.

Also it could happen when someone signs up as an affiliate and "replaces" your affiliate code with his own when making a purchase so he can get a rebate this way.

In both cases, you've lost the commission that is rightfully yours.

A good affiliate program uses an effective system that helps you get credit for EVERY sale you've referred. We believe in this and do our best to protect you.

8) Does the affiliate program give you the freedom to receive your money however you wish, or do they limit you to only one payment option?

Most affiliate programs limit you to only ONE payment option to receive your commissions - either by check or PayPal.

As a member of this affiliate program, you have the freedom to choose to receive your money in any of these ways:

  • Check
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer to your bank account in any country ($20 wire fee)

So you no longer have to wait for weeks to receive your affiliate checks in the mail. Now you can get your money fast - in just 1 or 2 days.

What's more, you can rest assured that you'll get paid on time, every time.

9) Does the affiliate program offer you contests and cash rewards?

In this program, you'll get the chance to win gifts, cash rewards, and other cool things by being an active affiliate. And yes! This is over and above the commissions you'll receive every month.

Also if you're a top-selling affiliate, chances are, one day you'll open your snail mailbox and find a special surprise gift there! I'm not going to tell you what that gift could be because I don't want to ruin your surprise! :-)

Earn Special BONUS Cash Rewards!

If you make 20 sales in any one calendar month, you'll receive a $50 bonus cash reward - as a reward for your active participation!

But wait! There's even more...

Also if you make 40 sales in a calendar month, you'll receive a $100 bonus cash reward.

And yes! This is over and above the commissions you'll receive for your sales of that month, of course.

I hope reading this important criteria has helped you find out important factors to pay attention to when choosing an affiliate program to promote.

We've created our affiliate program with YOU in mind, and every day we look for new ways to make our program more profitable for you.

Our goal here is helping you become more successful and make more money. We know we're not perfect. But we're doing our best to learn more and more every day to provide you with the best experience as possible as an affiliate.

So if that's the kind of program you want to be a member of, then sign up now...

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InfoProfit Club Affiliate Program!


Wishing you much success,

Ladan Lashkari

P.S. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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